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About Etrusca



EtruscaGioielli stands for soft Mediterranean hints, meant for a woman of outstanding elegance. A curious mind, she feels comfortable with her own sense of style, paying attention to what she wears, and how she combines items. EtruscaGioielli creative jewels take place in her sophisticated look, often displaying spicy shades, mixing volumes and shapes, items and colors.




Character, and a strong personality also represent EtruscaGioielli inner codes : such bronze or silver jewels, 18K gold-plated,  perfectly embody the Italian craftsmen techniques. Stones of all shades echo the color palette and atmospheres of the nature of the Mediterranean sea. They cater a woman who cares for details with organic geometries and natural shapes, enhancing the exquisiteness of natural gemstones: a comeback to nature, a message of authenticity in a highly technological era.






Elegant and real, any jewel by EtruscaGioielli enhances its unique craftsmanship techniques, drawing inspiration from timeless preciousness and re-editing luxury in a delightful contemporary mood.




The collection displays well-balanced items and multiple textures: from hammered surfaces, to patterns of infinite dots, the volumes, geometries and inlay works are meant for a woman who loves sophisticated unique pieces. As she understands fashion, she won’t just follow it: an active traveler, and a connoisseur of beauty, she embodies trends according to her own taste. EtruscaGioielli meets the need of immaculate landscapes and rhythms, offering a trip to the sources of the best raw materials.