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Etrusca's Picks

The brand for its models draws inspiration from the classical world as regards manufacturing and
sophisticated Italian techniques of goldsmithing, but goes back to contemporary trends insofar as
the look is concerned by reworking precious metals in a modern key. 

MONETA Collection

The custom of setting one or more coins into objects of personal ornament, turning them into jewels, is very ancient and dates back almost to the origins, to the birth of the coin itself. This collection is a pure tribute to the LIRA, the historic Italian currency. Each coin reveals a long history, made up hand to hand transfers, travel stories, which from the past come to our days.
The coins with their energy become jewels, used as pendants to enrich jewels with classic geometries, to give life to a collection with a colonial style.
The basic idea for this collection is summarised in the phrase of Debra Winger, protagonist of The Sheltering Sky - a film based on a novel by Paul Bowles - when he replies to his friend Campbell Scott: "Tunner, we are not tourists, we are travellers". An essential style, feminine, yet luxurious. Nothing too strong
nor too flashy. A two-tone look: where silver and gold come together perfectly.

MIRAGE Collection

The Mirage collection interprets the "Saharan Style" inspired by a palette of colours with warm and spicy tones, to give room to the colour gold and its dune effect processing. This line, finished in 18 kt gold, is worked with a particular hand-beaten technique that gives the metal a characteristic finish, such as to reproduce on each jewel an iridescent effect of light, like the shimmer of a mirage that can be seen at inside of a narrow strip of land above the horizon. The Mirage collection is for a modern nomad, who
enjoys playing with chameleon-like and trinket accessories,
able to feel at ease, both inside a skyscraper with an ultra-modern design of a vertical metropolis, and under light curtains of Bedouins sipping
fragrant tea among palm dates in an oasis of elegance. 

CRUISE Collection

Wearing the folk trend is a bit like becoming wind queens, furious and light.
As rich and overwhelming as a winter storm. The Cruise collection accompanies its lively models full of coloured stones in a journey of emotions, a journey that recalls ancient traditions from all over the world. Oriental Arabesques, Navajo geometries, African batik, natural stones, folklore blends in all jewels: from rings with large hard stones, to long necklaces with nuggets, from bracelets to wear all together, to long and pendent earrings. A nomadic line inside, for those who don't like minimalist looks, but prefer to dare with colour in all seasons, on sunny days with colourful garments, or to wear in an original way even in a contrasting winter. 

DELIGHT Collection

The Boho collection is a tribute to the Bohemian style in a Gypsy key, which is very fashionable right now. An exaltation of the opulent minimal for a woman who loves to adorn herself with multi-charms and necklaces with mini chains.
The colour palette recalls Woodstock and the hippie style and flower power of the 70s, revisited in a modern key, inspired by the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. The effect we want to achieve is a layering/multi-layer effect, with overlapping accessories with a folk-chic appeal. The Boho collection is for a modern hippie, who loves to wear small accessories every day, or even piercing-effect earrings or rings on each finger, a woman who, even in her daily life, wants to keep that free spirit style ...